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Logo project-.png 1.png

Sarah Shaw

Graphics      Digital      Artist


I specialize in Communications & Media Design, and I have expertise in developing creative briefs for visual brand identities, logos, or designs, as well as photography. Moreover, I am proficient in designing website layouts, templates, and unique branded looks for various band projects. My abilities are largely due to my experience of over 3 years working with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Logo project-.png 1.png
Logo project-.png 1.png

My Work


Personal brand video


Interactive Interface

An Interactive Interface is a user interface design that allows users to actively engage with digital systems through dialogue and feedback mechanisms. It responds to user input in real-time, providing appropriate visual or auditory cues. It includes interactive elements like buttons, sliders, and forms, facilitating communication between users and the system. The design aims to provide a seamless and engaging interaction experience, making it easier for users to achieve their goals.

Website Design

I developed and arranged graphics, fonts, colors, images and other elements to create a user-friendly layout that conveys a specific message or brand image. A blueprint of how the website will function and be organized is created with using a templet.